3rd Loc Anniversary


Happy New Month!

As we enter the last quarter of 2019, I hope you haven’t lost momentum to achieve the goals you set out at the beginning of the year. If you have, reach for a pen and paper and set new goals for the next 4 months and I pray that you will strive to achieve each one of them.

Now, let’s move to what actually brought you here 😉


Another year, another milestone. I so excited to have clocked 3 years with my loc crown and if you have been with me since the beginning, you know it hasn’t been easy. It has been full of love, joy, patience, tears, pain and so many more emotions. But through it all, I’m grateful for where I’ve reached and I’m proud of my locs as well as myself.

Hair length and colour at 2 years, 16th August 2018

With my locs, I have not really been chasing length but rather healthy locs. My locs are not all the same length or thickness as some are thinner than others but they generally look the same as they were when I started. At some point when I reached two years, I felt as though I had stagnated in my length as my hair was at neck-length for a really long time. This frustrated me for a while so I decided to braid my locs so that I don’t have to constantly see them( issa hack 😉 )

With 3 years in the bag, I have been able to lock down a somewhat steady routine that helps me in maintaining my locs healthy and moisturized. This routine also ensures I’m not straining my hair often so as to watch out for thinning roots and locs. Thinning usually comes about with frequent salon visits for re-twisting and styling and so I’ve reduced my visits to about once in two months. This is mostly when I have an event coming up that I want to look good for 😀 or when I feel it has been a minute.

Hair Length, 10th September 2018

At two and a half years, I decided to dye my locs just to have fun with it because why not! I got it done at the salon and the process was loooong but worth it. I might just do a whole blog-post on the experience when I do a second color. Maintenance of my locs once they were coloured wasn’t hard, I just wasn’t supposed to swim, but does your girl listen? Some few weeks later I was swimming with no cares in the world, and the color slowly faded to the blonde-brown that it is at the moment. (but si ni life 😀 )

New hair colour, 2nd February 2019

I have been able to braid my hair a couple of times within the past 3 years, contrary to popular opinion that locs aren’t versatile. Funny thing is, when I braid, some people forget that I have locs ’cause you don’t see them. With braids, they are of course heavier since I love having the really long ones and flipping them while imagining that it my real hair. But a girl can only dream! I usually have them in for about one month to two depending on how I maintain them.

Afro Kinky braids, 20th December 2018

So the following are some hair staples that I have been using for the past 3 years and they make my routine simple and easy. Each and every one of them serves a purpose in helping maintain my locs healthy and moisturized. I usually have at least two wash days in a month, the first is always 2-3 weeks after going to the salon and the next will be 1-2 weeks after.

1.Black Soap bar

I truly love and treasure this soap because of how it leave my hair feeling squeaky clean. After 3 weeks of having a new re-twist in, I use the black soap to remove all the wax/gel that was used in loc’ing the hair. Using the soap bar helps to clean the scalp directly and get rid of all the gel, oils and lint that is in the hair.

2.Mikalla/Marini Shampoo 

When I’m not using the black soap, this is the shampoo I’ll use. They are both amazing and smell sooo sweet! I kid you not, they smell amazing and the scent remains in your hair for a really long time. They both do a good job of cleansing my hair of the dirt, oils and lint that has gathered in the 1-2 weeks that I have my hair out. I do about two rounds of shampoo washing to make sure that my locs are thoroughly clean.

3.Mikalla Protein Treatment

Once in about three months or more(when I forget haha) I will use this protein treatment within my wash day to  give my locs some TLC. It is a quadra-oil treatment which means it has 4 essential oils that are Natural Olive, Wheat Germ, Mint and Shea Butter Oil Extracts and vitamins. The instructions say to have it in for 10-15 mins, but since I have locs, I keep it in for about 30-45mins so that the product really penetrates throughout the hair. I really love the mint in it as it stimulates my scalp, helps with the itching and smells amazing!

4.Organics Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner

This is one product that I have used for years on end, even before when I was a loose naturalista. When oiling my hair, I use the LOC method( Liquid, Oil, Cream) and this leave-in conditioner serves as my liquid. I usually use it when my hair is still damp from washing so as to seal in the remaining moisture. I know I have said almost every product smells amazing but I ain’t lying; this too smells really good. I also use it in the middle of the week when I feel my hair is getting dry and I instantly feel moisturized.


I use a variety of oils within my hair, but my constant oils are coconut and olive oil. I usually mix them together with natural shea butter in my squeeze bottle to apply onto my scalp and the length of my locs. I then use shea butter as my cream in the LOC method to lock in all the moisture.

This is the routine I have been using for a while now, it’s working and I’m not complaining. I’m loving my hair at the moment; its length, health, colour, texture, everything! I really cannot wait to see where I will be in another 2 years when we’ll be at 5 years!

Hair length and colour at 3 years, 18th August 2019

All in all, I’m thankful and grateful for the amazing loc journey that I’m on. I pray for many more amazing memories with my locs as they grow and flourish to be beautiful and amazing as they already are.

Feel to leave your questions and comments in the comment section below.

∼Vivii 😀

3 thoughts on “3rd Loc Anniversary

  1. When’s the bash???

    I feel inspired by your hair journey. I don’t know how or why but I do…

    And still when’s the bash??
    #niko na locks kuja na mablacksoap 😁


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