My 1 year Loc-Anniversary


Phew! We finally crossed a year and man, am I so amazed with some much that has happened.

I joined the dreadlocks family last year, August 16th, with so much joy and excitement for this new adventure and journey as I had waited almost 4 years to have them. (Mum, I see you! Hahaha!)

And it truly has lived up to its expectations with so much more that I have learnt, experience and gone through. Thus I decided it is time to share 3 things that I have learnt in my journey that have shaped me in to the young lady that I am.

#1 Patience

Patience! Patience! Patience! I doubt I can stress this enough to anyone or myself for that matter. This is one virtue that one has to learn the hard way as it is the only way.

I had to learn to be patient with my hair even when I was not seeing it grow. It felt like I was at the same place for like  3 months and I kept asking my hairdresser if it truly is growing as I wasn’t seeing any change.

From the time they were baby locs to when they are budding until now, all it took was patience. I also need to have patience with myself and stopping myself from envying others.(Mum, it’s you again!) Everyday as I walk around I cannot miss to see someone else with locs that are flourishing and begin to envy them, wishing that mine would instantly be like theirs.

At some point in my journey, I got tired of taking care of them. This meant sleeping every single night with a satin/silk scarf tied to my head; making sure no water got on to them; going to the hairdressers every 2 weeks for re-twisting; it was all too much work. But this required patience.

I also learnt to be patient with people around me, especially those who were in disbelief that I had got locs and over the months could not imagine that it was my real hair. (P.S. In case you are still wondering, it is as real as it can get!) People who, still from time to time, touch my hair just to confirm. Hahahaha! Disbelief truly does exist.

Where I began, August 14th 2016

#2 Self-Love

My locs gave me self-identity and freedom as I now, more than ever took in to perspective who I was. It began a journey of self-love not only to my hair, but my body, looks, personality; in short all my perfect imperfections. I begun to appreciate myself more and more as I grew into my hair and into my true self.

Though this is not something that happens overnight, but a working progress. Even now I’m learning to love myself better and better with each and every waking moment. I have learnt to take care of ME more than ever before and it has been amazing!

Throughout my whole journey, never once did I say that my locs were ugly or that I hate them. This is because I had wanted them for such a long time and having them gave and still does give me so much joy. Once I learn to love me better, I love others around me better.

Baby Locs August 26th 2016

#3 Embracing Change

When I began my loc journey, it was beginning of so much more in my life and a death to so many others. It was a symbol of change in who I was and a step closer to the person I want to be. I looked so different! At first it was a shock, but as they say, change is inevitable; you just have to embrace it and learn to live with it.

I began university a few weeks after I got my locs, and moved to a different city. All this change became too real to fast and I thought I wasn’t ready. But I embraced it, just the same way I embraced my locs as they grew. Each month they were at a different length and looking weird, but I learnt to enjoy every moment with them and be appreciative of the change as it was part of the journey.

Additionally, being called all sorts of names as I walk in town, “Oya Rasta! Ksk ksk! Rasta!” At first it felt so weird as I still didn’t identify myself as a rasta girl as my locs were still growing. But now whenever I hear rasta, I just laugh to myself and embrace the change.

All in all, I’m thankful and grateful for the amazing year that has been my loc journey. I pray for many more amazing memories with my locs as they grow and flourish to be beautiful and amazing as they already are.

P.S. Mama, if you are reading this, I love you and I thank you for being my inspiration throughout this journey. May you always be there for me as you always have.

8 months in 29th April 2017

10 thoughts on “My 1 year Loc-Anniversary

  1. Rasta girl….. I can feel they mean a lot,
    I love being a Rasta and enjoy everything about it..
    Keeping dreads
    We love natural things and we believe that our body is the lord temple ..
    My take today is that Rasta use dread to recognize you and you and dread is not necessity.
    Big ups..


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